Aikido in Hawaii.. where do I start?

This is my first post on my research on Aikido in Hawaii. I have been working on this since June 2009 and have made slow but steady work. The reason I started this project was because of the lack of information on Aikido in Hawaii in general. It was surprising due to Hawaii was one of the first places outside of Japan to have been exposed to the art in 1953 with chief instructor Koichi Tohei. 

    In the research I was doing I realized that Hawaii has a rich history in martial arts in general. Aikido was no exception with some of the longest practicing and highest ranking people in world teaching here in Hawaii. On the other hand, some of the fiercest political schisms have also climaxed here within the Hawaii Aikido organizations. In my quest to find out about Aikido here,  I have met in my Aikido journey some of the most wonderful, knowledgeable people whose dedication to this art has been inspiring.

    I am also trying to bridge the gap between the different organizations here in Hawaii. The two largest Aikido organizations in Hawaii are the Aikikai and the Ki Society whose separation in 1974 left lasting scars in the Aikido world. Both of these organizations played important parts in the growth and dissemination of Aikido in the islands.

    In the future I hope to have interviews with Hawaii Sensei, historical pictures and a detailed account of O Sensei on his trip to Hawaii. This blog should keep me out of trouble!!


10 thoughts on “Aikido in Hawaii.. where do I start?

  1. Jaco1984sky: Researching Aikido in Hawaii! Congratulations and best of luck undertaking this invaluable bit of martial anthropology. Here’s a suggestion: If you run into Al Dacascos, he might be able to offer you some leads. Al is not an aikido-ist, of course, but he surely qualifies as a living expert on Hi contemporary martial arts history, plus he is Mark’s dad (Mark stars in movies and on TV shows).

    • Thank you for Glanstein Sensei’s information. I know Glanstein Sensei and hope he will write sometime about his experiences in Aikido. Thanks again!

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