Seishikan Aikido group demo

This was at the reopening of the Waikea Recreation Center in Hilo. The Waiakea rec (As its known to Hilo People) is the only facility in Hawaii that focuses on the training of martial arts. The building used to be a Pick and Pay Supermarket until the late 60’s. The building was converted into area for the community to train in martial arts.

The Seishikan Aikido group was founded in 2000. The group led by Steve Adams Sensei and Carrie Yonemori Sensei have a long time Ki Aikido background and now have seminars with Donald Moriyama Sensei, Kazuyoshi Takayama Sensei, and Dan Harden. The Seishikan Aikido group is one of the nicest groups of people I have had the pleasure of training with!